Blood Bowl: Team Manager Preview

Ah, Blood Bowl. One of the most original board games on the planet and arguably the best Games Workshop creation ever. The game of fantasy Gridiron, complete with Orcs, Elves, bombs and chainsaws, recently given a new lease of life with the official video game, will shortly find its way back to our gaming tables in card-game format courtesy of the vision of Fantasy Flight.

I’m currently up to my armpits in Blood Bowl. I play in an online league and run a tournament at my local gaming club. It’s ace. Each game your players gain experience and earn new skills only for them to have their heads smashed clean off as they reach the height of their powers.

Blood Bowl: Team Manager “takes 2-4 players through the cutthroat excitement of an entire Blood Bowl season, all in about an hour. Choose one of six unique factions: Humans, Dwarfs, Wood Elves, Orcs, Skaven, or Chaos, then experiences the strategy and competition of drafting new players over the course of the season!

A frenzied game of deck-building, Blood Bowl: Team Manager puts you in the owner’s box, where you’ll make the calls necessary to take your team to the finals. Customize your deck by grabbing the best new draft picks and upgrading your players, or employ devious tactics to take your opponent’s Star Players out of the game… for good.”

A card game cannot possibly entertain all of the nuances of the board game, where skills picked will develop the personality of your team into something unique to yourself. However, I am greatly looking forward to this release, as even if it retains even an ounce of the flavour of the boardgame, it will certainly be a fun experience.


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