Session Report: Ice Flow, Innovation, Galaxy Trucker

Ice Flow

What a fantastically tactical game this is. A four-player affair started with Scott sending one explorer scooting over the floes by himself. I’d read somewhere that splitting up your adventurers was a bad idea. Ho ho, you idiot Scott, I thought inside my head as my intrepid dudes made their way across the icy waters of the Bering Straits. However Scott had a plan, he sat his adventurer on an ice floe and refused to move it from the edge of the board. The three of us managed to move towards the Diomedes island whilst Scott manoeuvred an adventurer to the other side of the board, also hogging a floe. There was no way for us to get across as we were camped on floes in the middle, refusing to be the one who would try and sequester one of Scott’s floes. All the time we were arguing, Scott’s last explorer was making his way from Alaska and catching us up.

Alex fired a tactical nuke (polar bear) at one of Scott’s explorers, which Scott rebounded towards me and suddenly I had a man resurrecting in Alaska and I was way off the pace. Using a cunning combination of fish and rope, my last adventurer hurled himself back into the fray and sequestered one of Scott’s floes, however his other two men made their way safely to Siberia via his other hogged floe. By the time I managed to move my men into a position to take advantage of the sequestered floe, Scott was ready to jump off and win the game. I ended up last. What a game!


Two, four-player games were played. The first I racked up an impressive points total, but whilst I was trying to force game-end by emptying the Information Technologies, it didn’t go unnoticed. Scott twice emptied half of my score and I came 2nd.

The second game was extremely quick. I focused on rapidly building my score and acquired 4 achievements with these before anyone had built their civilisation enough to counter my tactics. I win!

Galaxy Trucker

JC had bought an expansion to the game and I blithely joined in without thought as to how things might have altered. How hard can it be?

1st tile: weird star thing. 2nd tile: a kind of square. 3rd tile: a dome. HELP!! Somebody, what do these things do?? But they were too busy constructing their ships to help (or care). Once the time had run out I had an engineless heap of junk with batteryless guns and no shields. First bit of debris that came my way took out the main part of my ship, which broke into little fragments drifting aimlessly away from each other.

Everyone, especially JC and Scott were laughing uproariously at my ineptitude. It didn’t get better, but I did finish the last mission with a 4-tile Reliant Robin floating desperately through icy space and a record low score. Great fun!

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