Session Report: Pitch Car, Small World, Tobago

Pitch Car

So I got to the club early thinking I could get some extra gaming time in and got roped into a ten-player game of Pitch Car with Will and the younger members of the club. Having never played it I was quite sceptical about the whole thing – dexterity games not being my bag – despite its high rating on BGG.

Starting at the back of the grid I watched a large snarl-up at the first tunnel but successfully managed to navigate it and found myself in 4th. From then on my traditional grudge game against Ste took effect, with his son Dom urging me on against his dad. Will also decided to stick the boot in and continually flick my car into difficult corners, but some amazing driving (if I may say so myself) saw me utilise the bridges to leap over my opposition on numerous occasions. Well, I say driving, we’re flicking bits of wood here. Will’s son Nathan was screaming at every bump and turn, deafening us and adding an authentic race-track ear-shredding decibel level to the proceedings.

Suddenly, as I leapt over young Matthew on the penultimate straight I realised I was having fun. Matthew is about 9 years old and had been in 2nd all race, and I was beating him!

I am 35.

But I don’t care, you can’t let these youngsters have all their own way, life is harsh. He looked crestfallen but I hardened my heart and thrashed the sucker into third place.

Yeah! Take that bozo! Woo hoo!! I screamed at him.

But only in my head.

I didn’t want his dad to punch me in the face.

Small World

A three player game involving Paul and Ste didn’t involve the mayhem of a 4 or 5 player game. For a start the board was too large allowing us all enough room to spread with minimal conflict (yes, we were using the correct board). I spent 5 at the outset to get my hands on Skeletons and they accrued enough points in the first half of the game to grant me victory (99-82-82).

A degree of fun was had halfway through the game when Paul declined his race and when deciding where to deploy his new race, I convinced him that Ste was the greater threat, despite my skeletons obviously racking up the points. Much to Ste’s chagrin, Paul fell for my silver-tongued deception and attacked Ste’s rear (in a military way rather than a Julian Clary way). Ho ho!


Tobago is a neat little game. With a random board and random furniture placement, each game has a different feel to it. Placing cards to narrow down the location of the buried treasure is quite tactical and overcoming this urge to actually drive your 4×4 over the island is quite difficult (you can only perform one action per turn, either play a card, or move your vehicle).

I was the only player in this 4 player game (Me, Ste, Russ & Scott) employing the move your vehicle tactic. Basically I was travelling over the board, raising treasure as it was pinpointed and getting first dibs on it as a result.

Russ was waving his arms about stating I should be screwed over as the main threat, but concerned with playing their own game, Scott and Ste ignored him and I was joint winner. Hooray! Me: 40. Russ: 40, Scott: 32, Ste: 28.

An enjoyable game.

2 Comments to “Session Report: Pitch Car, Small World, Tobago”

  1. I can testify to my sons ability to scream when excited and Matthew is a far more mature 11 year old.

  2. Nice site you have here. Always nice to find other board game blogs!
    I am in love with Small World. Something about that game just grabs me. I should put a review for it up soon. And yeah, those skeletons are really hard to beat. They require a lot of ganging up on. I believe they may be the most powerful race.

    Glad you hear you enjoyed Tobago. That is a game which has grabbed my attention and is on my immediate wish list (even though I’ve never played).

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