Kakerlaken Poker Reviewed

OK, so why am I reviewing a game that is so old? What’s the point in that? Well this is a game that doesn’t get the love it deserves and anything that spreads the word can’t be bad.

This game is so awesome it bungs me up and I can’t poop. Seriously. It’s amazing.

Consisting of 64 cards split into 8 animals (cockroach, spider, frog, fly, bat, bug, scorpion and rat) the game is simplicity to play; place a card face down, pass it to an opponent and declare “It’s a frog”. The opponent has options to either agree or disagree and flip it, or take a look and pass it face down to another opponent declaring “It’s a cockroach” (or whatever) who then gets the same options.

When a player agrees or disagrees and flips the card, if he was correct to agree/disagree then the card is placed face-up in front of the player who passed him the card. If he was incorrect he places it in front of him and starts a round with the cards from his hand.

This sounds so boring, I mean, what a load of crud, stop wasting my time you tool.

But wait, play the game and suddenly you’ll see battles and grudges emerging between players as the cards force them to interact. Did you just screw me over at Carcassonne? Now I’m going to pass you frogs until your eyes bleed you mother!

Once a player has 4 of a kind face up in front of him he loses the game. Yes, loses. There is just one loser in this game, everyone else survives. That’s it everyone, gang up on someone and beat them into the muck so they never recover. Stamp all over their splintered and broken corpse. Yeah! Take that scumsuck!

The cards themselves are beautifully rendered with illustrations in bold colours and thick black outlines. Each of the 64 cards has a different illustration and whilst the theme itself doesn’t matter, they are extremely attractive all the same.

Played with kids or with adults (same thing in my gaming group), this is a filler that never, ever disappoints. Players duel, often to the death; it can be a matter of honour to guess correctly when someone passes you a card: “You will not best me! Not while I have a breath left in my body. Never. Arrrrrggh!!”

Ok, so there’s no strategy, it’s just bluffing. So what? It’s a filler, and they don’t come better than this.

Publisher: Drei Magier Spiele

Players: 2-6

Age: 8+

Playing Time: 20 minutes

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