Session Report: The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow

“This” said Will as he dealt us all a card, “will tell you whether you are a villager or a werewolf, have a look and keep it secret”. I looked, I was a villager.

“It’s night time” he continued, “close your eyes”. What? “Close your eyes and go to sleep.” With a certain degree of trepidation I closed my eyes. “Now the werewolves awaken and decide who they want to eat, who looks the tastiest?” What?? “Now the werewolves go to sleep and dawn breaks upon a brand new day in Miller’s Hollow, except for Barry, who was devoured in the night.”


Poor Barry is out of the game before it’s even began. Luckily for me I’m skinny and provide little in the way of sustenance. Now we have to decide who to hang as a werewolf. I try arguing that Jake looks a bit feral, his shaggy hair, pointy canine incisors and glowing orange eyes are a dead give-away but most of the rest of the village, including Jake, seem to have it in for Simon. Jake looks hurt and protests vociferously at my wild accusations against him and in doing so convinces the stragglers that a united front against the forces of evil is necessary, so Simon is strung up by his neck at dusk until his head goes grey and drops off.

Turns out Simon’s a villager. Trust me to live in a village full of tractor-driving inbreeds who just won’t listen to reason. These morons will be the death of me….

Two villagers dead and one day gone.

“Night descends” says Will, “everyone go to sleep”. Just before we go to sleep Jake winks at me, the cheeky little bugger, and I know my time is up. Sure enough, the werewolves decide my stringy body will have to do this evening. I might not be good eating, but they know I’m on to something in targeting Jake, and I’m out of the game.

Along with Barry and Simon I watch the game unfold at breakneck speed with the werewolves polishing off the villagers with no problem at all and grudges from previous games being the villagers’ downfall as they hang each other for Warhammer 40K misdemeanours last February.

In essence, this is the entire game; it’s fast, light, involves a fair amount of argumentative comedy and is cheap. In fact the cards can be mocked up easily for zero cost as they are merely a representation of a villager or a werewolf (however the cards provided in the box are very nice and lend it an air of professionalism, which means you won’t get your snobby non-gaming friends refusing to play it because you’ve made it yourself from beer mats).

Our game had nine players and it caters for up to twenty, which in its way is its only flaw, you need a minimum number of players and the more you have the batter it seems to become. It’s simple and resembles Cash $ Guns without the child-unfriendly representations of lethal weaponry (instead it has a child-friendly theme of mutant man-dogs tearing the living flesh from screaming yokels in an orgasmic undead feeding frenzy).

Unfortunately it fails to match Cash $ Guns in terms of gameplay as it’s basically a team game whereas Cash $ Guns is every man for himself – I don’t want to lose because I’m on the same team as a bunch of utter dunderheads, that’s what I go to work for. Additionally, once the werewolves or the villagers decide you’re toast, that’s it – you’re gone. No reprieve. Add to this the fact that one person is required to narrate the action as it unfolds and you get a game where people become excluded from playing quickly and in quantity. On the plus side, a game will only last five minutes, and players can rotate the narration.

The Resistance (I couldn't find a game of us playing 'Werewolves')

Another similar game is The Resistance, where freedom fighters attempt to sabotage the missions of “The Empire”. It has no narrator and no elimination, but it’s the eatings and hangings of the Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow that make it such fun!

2 Comments to “Session Report: The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow”

  1. What is the best excuses you’ve heard when people try to convince other townsfolk that they are not a werewolf? And/or what is the best reason accusation you’ve heard?

  2. “Look at his sideburns, he looks feral and ugly. He’s a werewolf” was one I remember. It turned out the feral ugly dude actually WAS a werewolf…

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