Diplomacy in Effect

OK, so I’ve started a new game of diplomacy online in addition to the one at the club (which has had a few explosions that I will write about sometime soon…..!) and I’ve drawn Germany.

It is now Spring 1902. As you can see, the first turns have gone to plan. I’ve agreed DMZ’s with Russia (in Prussia and Silesia) and also with Austria (in Bohemia and Tyrolia) and I’m going for Sweden with England’s help.

Not sure who the alliances are with Russia/Austria/Turkey but I know France have allied with Austria to crush Italy.

France are also in a loose Germany/England/France alliance. I’ve already tried to split that up (I don’t want the French and English allying against me in later turns) by suggesting  to England we invade France whilst he’s off sailing in the Med.

That idea was rebuffed and I’m now wondering if I’ve shown my traitorous streak too early. Only time will tell.


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