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November 22, 2011

Chaos in the Old World or When ebay Goes Wrong

I got a right old bollocking the other day.

I was browsing ebay and I saw a copy of Chaos in the Old World and put a competitive bid in – £15, as you do, because you always get outbid.


I promptly forgot about it until Saturday morning when I was awoken at about 7am by my lovely wife screeching: “Eight pounds for postage?????”

I tried to burrow into the sheets but she was on me like Khorne worries Nurgle cultists. That is to say, she sank her teeth in and wouldn’t let go. For like half an hour.

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November 20, 2011

Incursion: Mission 2 (Incursion)

The probe into the complex was successful. There were casualties but enough information was transmitted out to give field commanders a fairly clear picture of where the initial thrust of the Incursion should be focused. Assault teams are deployed ahead of the main force as pathfinders to clear zones and establish a perimeter. The Germans fight a desperate defense to hold the Allies off……

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November 16, 2011

Carnage in the Iron Kingdoms

Commander Coleman Stryker raised his binoculars and surveyed the landscape. His battered and beaten Warjacks clinked as they cooled from the forced march over treacherous terrain. Stryker spied his objective; about 20 feet from the warp gate he must capture, a large band of Khador snipers huddled behind a thick stone wall, their weapons trained on the gate. Behind them, two massive and shiny new Warjacks hummed and flexed their pistons.

Stryker looked over his shoulder at his tattered, grimy ‘Jacks, upon whose crumbling weaponry the fate of the entire Cygnar race depended. One had a wonky arm where the superglue had failed to set, another was painted in an amateur manner, a third had trodden in dog-poo.

“We are fucked” he said.

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November 13, 2011

Autumn 1902 – The Ground Shakes

My talk of treachery to England has not (yet) bitten me on the rear. Perhaps the English pig-dogs and the French dingo-sniffers (possibly) are planning a monster-strike, but as yet, it is all sweetness and light between us……

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November 7, 2011

Survive: Escape from Atlantis

“Ha Haaah! Nom nom nom!!” I said when the sea serpent ate my wife’s boat full of meeples. “Nom nom nom” I said again to drive the point home.
“I’m sure you don’t act like this when you’re at the games club with your friends” she said.
So I shut my mouth, and the game became a silent, vicious, deadly, cut-throat game of human anguish, pain, fear and suffering.

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November 5, 2011

Incursion: Recon

Mission 1: The sinking of the Lexington combined with the decoding of the Special Weapons Development communiqué is the final straw for the Allies; MI-13 make the decision to clear the caves under Gibraltar and disable the Doomsday Device before it is too late.

The Lucky 7th are deployed to reconnoitre the caves prior to an all-out assault, exploring quickly before the enemy are aware of their presence……

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