Incursion: Recon

Mission 1: The sinking of the Lexington combined with the decoding of the Special Weapons Development communiqué is the final straw for the Allies; MI-13 make the decision to clear the caves under Gibraltar and disable the Doomsday Device before it is too late.

The Lucky 7th are deployed to reconnoitre the caves prior to an all-out assault, exploring quickly before the enemy are aware of their presence……

So the two grunts head down the hatch. We know these lemons are expendable, like the fresh faces in the beam-down party in Star Trek. They’re basically fodder for the zombies. Zombies you say? Yes, zombies, and filthy Nazi ones at that.

Grunt 1, let’s give him a name. No, let’s not, we don’t want to grow attached to him only to see his face get ripped from his skull in an orgy of gore, scurries into the tunnels and spends command points to open up the door to the centre of the caves, giving him line of sight to all other entrances, and he settles into Reaction Fire (Overwatch to you Space Hulk veterans).

Grunt 2 heads left and moves further up the tunnel, also settling into reaction fire.

Sturmzombies piling up en masse behind the door.....

What’s that noise? There’s scrabbling at the centre doors, almost as if some fearsome living dead are pawing ineffectually at the steel hatches, trying to fathom out how handles work….. Let us put that gruesome thought from our minds, they can’t possibly know we’re here, it’s not like they’re piling up en masse on the other side of the door……

Grunt 1 shuffles sideways into the left-hand alcove, checks his weapon and goes into Reaction Fire.

Grunt 2 stalks the left passage when suddenly a zombie appears and he blasts its head into mush, brains and fragments of skull ricocheting off the walls with a groovy ping ping ting noise. “Yeah!” says Grunt 2, “Have that you festering slimebag!”

One of the centre doors blasts open and a zombie comes hurtling in. They’re fast these zombies, like the ones in 28 Days Later, but Grunt 1 just lasers his head off and pops a mint into his mouth. The second door is suddenly smashed from its hinges and more zombies scream into view. Grunt 1 is calm, his finger held on the trigger, his other hand removing some kind of dead insect from his ear. Idly he wonders how it got there whilst zombie parts are flung asunder from his rapidly firing gun.

Davros the Zombie Master

Grunt 2 is hiding around a corner, his gun primed, waiting for the living dead.

Here they come! He smiles as his weapon springs into life spraying more zombie over the ceiling.

Takka-takka-takka it goes, recoiling in his hands. He wonders if he should contact the unions about vibration white finger. These guns are dangerous and such health and safety issues are a real concern to him.

Suddenly he’s out of ammo and a zombie starts to punch him in the face. He struggles against the blows but the first zombie is joined by a second and they claw frantically at his face.

Davros the Zombie Master (real name: Andy) now gets to hit on a 5 or 6 and as he rolls the dice 10 times, it is inevitable that the courageous Grunt 2 succumbs to the terrifying undead, his death screams reverberating around the caverns as the zombies eat his brain.

Mmmmmm. Braaaaaains.

Grunt 1 now has it all to do, but hopefully he can clear his way through the side passage and out to safety, but suddenly his gun jams too. A mad zombie rushes him, but he’s calm. He’s suited up in power armour and he’s got years of training under his belt.

Besides, it’s only a solitary zombie and Davros the Zombie Master has to roll a 6 to even hit Grunt 1.  Additionally he can suffer 2 damage points.

Davros the Zombie Master rolls the dice.

Double 6.

The zombie’s poorly manicured nails shear through Grunt 1’s neck sending his head spinning  through the air and Davros squeals in an unashamedly girly manner. I think he punched the air in delight and did a little tapdance. I couldn’t really see through the red mist of fury before my eyes.

Not to worry however, their deaths were not in vain. Enough information was transmitted to the surface for us to decide where to mount the initial thrust of the incursion, and also to recover their teeth to send back to their dear old mom’s back in the US of A.

Grunt 1 bites the dust.

Campaign Table  

                   Mission Wins          Points

Allies                   0                        0

Germans             1                        1

Mission 1=1 pt, Mission 2=2pts etc

Click here for all missions so far.


3 Comments to “Incursion: Recon”

  1. Nice report Al, but where’s the turn by turn blow of our first encounter? You know, the one where grunt one does his Rambo impression and despatches about a dozen zombies in one round of overwatch.

    And… Davros? That’s harsh dude. Your precious Lucky 7th will pay with blood for that.

  2. The first encounter was just a practice run. And Rambo was lucky, any other time the zombies would have been eating their cornflakes out of his skull.

    Nom nom nom!

  3. Reblogged this on KEEP ROLLIN' SIXES and commented:
    A write up for the Recon scenario from the Incursion game.

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