Autumn 1902 – The Ground Shakes

My talk of treachery to England has not (yet) bitten me on the rear. Perhaps the English pig-dogs and the French dingo-sniffers (possibly) are planning a monster-strike, but as yet, it is all sweetness and light between us……

I messaged everyone at the start of the game, calling myself “Der CakeFuehrer” and acting like a right wally, demanding cake and generally being a prat, like, you know, I am. Anyway, Italy got the hump with me and Turkey was quiet so I did a bunch of deals with England, France, Austria and Russia. We split Holland/Belgium amicably and France is building fleets in the South, content that he will be unmolested in the North.

MwahahahHAHAHAHA *cough*

Currently England are taking a trip through France to be convoyed by French fleets over to Greece/Turkey. This is a lunatic suicide mission, but hey, as long as they’re not thinking of invading The Fatherland I don’t care.

I agreed DMZ’s with Austria and Russia. As Austria are currently helping my French mates to kick Italy’s face in, I’m letting them get on with it, but the Prussia/Silesia DMZ’s I agreed with Russia are a barrier, especially as we’re both contesting Scandinavia. However I’ve managed to funnel fleets through Denmark thanks to England not contesting it and I’m driving back the Russians with support from the Baltic Sea. Now I can convoy armies to Livonia, circumnavigating the DMZ’s whilst England distracts Russia by attempting to land at St Petersburg.

This way, I have not reneged on our agreement to stay out of Prussia/Silesia. Who knew war could be so civilised?

The allies of my allies (Austria) have allied with my enemy (Russia) in tackling Turkey, which may pose a conundrum at a later date. We shall see.

Pre-builds, Autumn 1902

The war so far in it’s entirety…..


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