Incursion: Mission 2 (Incursion)

The probe into the complex was successful. There were casualties but enough information was transmitted out to give field commanders a fairly clear picture of where the initial thrust of the Incursion should be focused. Assault teams are deployed ahead of the main force as pathfinders to clear zones and establish a perimeter. The Germans fight a desperate defense to hold the Allies off……

The lads in the Lucky 7th are being named. They should not go to their graves nameless, but will live forever, their heroic deeds enshrined in poetry and song.

So it was that Flamethrower Phil, Sargent Spudsack, Genghis Grunt I and Galahad “Gutripper” Grunt II descended into the bowels of the Rock of Gibraltar to clear out the Nazi Zombie filth and allow the heroes to gain a foothold within the complex.

The information received identified three zombie access points which required shutting down. Immediately the Allied Intelligence manoeuvre was pulled and Phil went steaming in, pumped up on Command Points. He booted a door in and laid a swathe of burning destruction over the first access point.

A zombie shuffled into the flames and saw Phil. “Mmmmmm, braaaaaaaaaaAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!”  it said as the raging inferno consumed it.

“Take that you Nazi scumturd motherfuker YEEEE HAAAA!” said Phil (all Americans talk like this).

The Lucky 7th spread out through the catacombs, nerves stretched and jangling, their fingers trembling on their triggers as they peered through the gloom on Reaction Fire, listening for the scrabble of zombie feet as they fast approached.

Zombies appeared, and got their heads blasted off, more zombies appeared and got their heads blasted off. It was all jolly good fun until Genghis Grunt I spotted a sexy nazi in stockings and suspenders. I kid you not. Genghis’ cigar fell from his mouth with a ‘doink’ sound but unfortunately for the sexy nazi, who goes by the name of Gretel, she stood on some kind of bomb and it blew her leg off.

I love the Booby Trap card.

Off she hopped with Genghis’ laughter echoing in her petal-like ears.

Meanwhile, Flamethrower Phil was blazing a trail to the second access point after successfully slamming the door of the first access point in the slavering Sturmzombie’s faces, bashing them on the nose and possibly ruining their good looks. Ably covered by Gutripper’s Reaction Fire he melted the raging undead and closed the second access point.

Gretel had been hiding, nursing her bloody stump and considering the merits of marrying one of the Beatles, when she thought: ‘I’ve had it with this shit’ and blazed a trail of destruction up the dimly lit corridor, blasting Sargent Spudsack into grey lumps as a zombie attached itself to his face.

It was all getting a bit gruesome.

Yet somehow erotic.

Davros the Zombie Master gave me one of his winks.

After I’d had a cold shower, Gutripper closed in on Gretel and in the ensuing firefight they managed to blow each other to smithereens. The flames from Phil billowed around the complex and covered Genghis as he raced through the corridors, gun blazing, tearing the zombies to shreds, and he booted the remaining access point closed, trapping a zombie’s fingers.

Victory for the Allies, who mopped up the remaining lurching undead and radioed to base.

Perimeter established.

Campaign Table  

Davros the Zombie Master

Mission Wins             Points

Allies                   1                        2

Germans             1                        1

Mission 1=1 pt, Mission 2=2pts etc

Click here for all missions so far.


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