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December 20, 2011

The Rat King (Part 1)

It is a warm spring day when the summons from Gwendolyn arrives. The morning chill has been chased away by the warm sun and Lockhaven bustles with activity as everymouse is trying to find any reason to work outside or run errands around the town. The note simply says:


Please assemble your patrol in the map room for an assignment.


The Guard has been with the dawning of spring. A season’s worth of mail needs delivering, mice need escorting and all the other activities restored which winter postpones. It is routine work, but important to the mice of the territories.

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December 16, 2011

Mouse Guard

The lives of mice are a daily struggle for survival—the weather, wilderness and animals are uncaring and savage. But mice are a doughty people. Though all the world stands against them, they refuse to give up! They have claimed the Mouse territories as their own: a network of cities, towns and villages where mice thrive and prosper despite all that stands in their way.

A band of selfless heroes makes it all possible. Called the Mouse Guard, these fearless mice blaze trails through the wilderness, escort travelers from city to city, and protect mice cities from predators and the fury of nature.

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December 8, 2011

Incursion: Pinger Raid

After the successful stabilisation of key positions in the outskirts of the complex, MI-13 Intel reports that a nearby position is transmitting an incredible volume of coded signals. This can only be the fabled long-range “Pinger Device” that controls zombie naval mines that prey upon the allied warfleet. This device must be captured for decoding and reverse engineering. SWD musters in force to repel the small Allied raiding party and relocate the pinger to a more defensible position within the German lines…..

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December 6, 2011

Fun League – Season 10

Unbelievably the little Blood Bowl league I set up has reached its tenth season. I say little, it’s levelled out at 9 divisions (after peaking at 16) and continually amazes me with the passion and commitment of the people involved. Admittedly it could do with an injection of Americas coaches as the European section is beating the Americas 8-1 in the play-offs, but intense competition has never been in the spirit of the league. Fun and mucking about is the order of the day, which fits in nicely with the game itself.

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