Fun League – Season 10

Unbelievably the little Blood Bowl league I set up has reached its tenth season. I say little, it’s levelled out at 9 divisions (after peaking at 16) and continually amazes me with the passion and commitment of the people involved. Admittedly it could do with an injection of Americas coaches as the European section is beating the Americas 8-1 in the play-offs, but intense competition has never been in the spirit of the league. Fun and mucking about is the order of the day, which fits in nicely with the game itself.

The Scandinavians are particularly insane, followed closely by the British. The Americans, Canadians, Africans and mainland Europeans are a little more reserved (with some exceptions) and it all makes for a fantastic mix of cultures, languages and humour. Inter-league rivalry has also been cultivated with league representatives doing battle on behalf of us all, and even though it takes up a massive amount of time, it’s the best thing I have ever done (apart from get married). Through the league I have met some amazingly generous and caring people and we meet once a year to play the game face-to-face.

Season 10 has seen my Wood Elf team, the Lancashire LoveBombs retire from the top division – Team Value bloat and the high wages have made them unsustainable in the face of mounting injuries – to be replaced in the lower divisions by the Lancashire LoveRats, a Skaven team who will maintain the stadium (Springfield Park) until the LoveBombs can find a backer who will provide the funds to start them up again.

If you’ve never played Blood Bowl, you won’t have the foggiest what I am on about, but it will all become clear as Season 10 unfolds……


One Comment to “Fun League – Season 10”

  1. its cause we are all c***s 😀

    also that chap who paints in fun league he is a decent sort isnt he 😉

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