Incursion: Pinger Raid

After the successful stabilisation of key positions in the outskirts of the complex, MI-13 Intel reports that a nearby position is transmitting an incredible volume of coded signals. This can only be the fabled long-range “Pinger Device” that controls zombie naval mines that prey upon the allied warfleet. This device must be captured for decoding and reverse engineering. SWD musters in force to repel the small Allied raiding party and relocate the pinger to a more defensible position within the German lines…..

After perusing this mission, it was decided that it would be too easy for the Allies to cover the German exit point with a flamethrower, so a second exit point was added, possibly tilting the balance in the German’s favour……

Just 10 Recruitment Points per side meant only 5 Command Points were available to each player, and so it was that the last mission’s survivors: Genghis Grunt and Flamethrower Phil delved further into the complex with a new grunt. Let’s call him Gygax. We’ve never met him before, but Star Trek aficionados will know right now that Gygax had better make his will with a degree of immediacy.

The Germans picked Gretel, and her bonus zombie Command Points meant all 5 German CP’s were free to be allocated to an already lightning fast Blitzhund, which duly came racing out of the blocks and made straight for the pinger.

Gretel takes aim.....

Gygax headed towards the German Access Point and went into Reaction Fire, laying a swathe of leaden death through anything that moved and tearing zombies to shreds of spinning putrescence, but the Allies were moving at a crawl and by that time, the Blitzhund was through Gygax’s line of sight and on its way to rescuing the pinger.

Genghis made his way through the maze towards the second German exit point to cover the fleeing Blitzhund and sure enough, the disgusting dog-creature (Andy to his friends) attempted its escape that way, but Genghis was up to the task and the filthy beast (Andy) didn’t want to risk being cut to ribbons in a screaming haze of Reaction Fire, retreating back towards the centre of the board.

Flamethrower Phil meanwhile was having a difficult time of it; he was attempting to fill a corridor with flames to cut off the path to the first German access point, but Gretel had him pinned down under Reaction Fire. With just a pistol, she was never going to run out of ammo and even with one leg she’s a crack shot, as Flamethrower Phil found out to his cost…..

Out he dashed into the corridor, and Gretel pulled off a round into his hip. Phil grunted in pain and squirted billowing flames up the corridor, surrounding Gretel, who gritted her teeth through the heat, took aim, and fired a round straight through Phil’s forehead, spraying his brain 30 yards down the corridor.

Phil keeled over.

The Blitzhund left the slow-moving Genghis trailing in its wake whilst Gygax was being forced back under the sheer weight of Sturmzombies. Davros the Zombie Master was spending CP’s galore on boosting the Blitzhund rather than destroying the cards placed to boost the grunts and it sprinted through the blundering zombies and disappeared into the tunnels with the pinger device, leaving the two beefed-up grunts to beat a demoralised retreat back to base.

Afterthought: Perhaps adding a second exit point gave the Germans too much of an advantage in this scenario. Covering two exit points with three slow-moving Allied models was always going to be difficult and the loss of the Ape Blazer made mission success extremely difficult. It was all over relatively quickly.

Campaign Table

Mission Wins             Points

Allies                   1                        2

Germans             2                        4

Mission 1=1 pt, Mission 2=2pts etc

Click here for all missions so far.


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