Diplomacy. Again.

I’m determined to finish a game of Diplomacy. Real life keeps getting in the way, but here I go, trying to fit it in, and this time I’ve drawn Russia.

I have sent messages to each nation and the results are as follows:


The response from Germany was quite vigorous with him/her agreeing to DMZ’s in Silesia and Prussia and informing me that the extent of the German ambitions Northwards was to occupy Denmark as the main priority was the destruction of England. He offered to help me take Scandinavia to deny the English Supply Centres.


Normally Russia has to vie with England for the Scandinavian countries – unless Germany and France band together to invade the British Isles, so a friendly message was sent and a warm response enquired as to whether I knew what Germany was up to. I naturally evaded answering with the skill of a Tory politician.


As expected, Austria was extremely talkative, being that he/she has to negotiate with countries on all sides. There was a great deal of strategical musing and it’s obvious that this is an experienced Diplomacy player. Time to talk to Turkey to see what we can do about wiping him out before he has the opportunity to expand……


The Turkish player agreed a bounce in the Black Sea, firstly to maintain it as a DMZ and secondly to make the other nations believe we were already quarrelling. I enquired as to his thoughts on moving quickly to take advantage of Austria’s need to be cautious, surrounded as they are on all sides. He said swiftness was the key but would not commit to any strategy. I’m dealing with a ditherer here….

France and Italy

Cordial messages were exchanged but neither wanted to reveal any information so early – understandable as they do not share a border with Russia.


I was hoping that I might be able to put all my eggs in one basket and strike Northwards or Southwards, but Germany’s willingness to help me take Scandinavia coupled with Turkey’s dithering has made me think that I will need to take a more cautious approach and strike out in a more balanced way – I can’t afford Austria and Turkey to band together to crush me with my units venturing Northwards.


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