Blood Bowl Revised Kick Off Table

We’re kicking off the Wigan Wargames 2014 Blood Bowl League this Friday and the coaches have the optional use (provided they agree beforehand) of this revised kick-off table.

blood bowlFeel free to use it in your own games.


2D8 Kick-Off Table


2: Get the Ref

The fans exact gruesome revenge on the ref for his dubious decisions and his replacement is more lenient – in fear of his life. Each team gains 2 bribes for the remainder of the match. When using a bribe, roll a D6. On a 2-5 it works, but a 1 means the player’s antics are too despicable to go unpunished and he is sent off (wasting the bribe).

3: Slug Ball

The ball is cursed by Tzeentch and will turn the next player to hold it into a slug. The kicking team may kick it directly at a player of their choice who, in accordance with the rules, MUST try to catch it. The first player to catch or pick up the ball has the remainder of the turn to get rid of it (pass/hand-off) before they are transformed into a gastropod (missing the rest of the game). If they still hold the ball at the end of the turn it bounces in the square they are in as they mutate.

Touch-backs will not turn a player into a slug – the ball-boy will be transformed and Tzeentch’s curse will be wasted.

If a player on the kicking team catches the ball they are turned into a slug prior to the touch-back.

4: Time Bomb

A mischievous Khorne-worshipping wizard casts a spell on the ball turning it into unstable anti-matter. When the ball is kicked roll a D6; on a 1 it explodes removing the kicker’s leg (a serious injury, but [s]he can play as normal in the next game with a prosthetic). The kick-off must be re-taken (together with another roll on the kick-off table).

On a 2-6 play continues as normal. At the beginning of each turn roll a die. On a 1 the ball explodes in the square it is in. Said square is treated as if it was hit by a wizard’s fireball. A new (regular) ball is thrown in by the fans from the halfway line (from a side chosen by the currently active coach).

If the explosion causes a player to drop the ball, it does NOT cause a turnover.

This effect continues until the ball explodes or the match ends

5: Riot

The trash talk between the players heats up and degenerates into a brawl. Roll a D6. 1-3 results in the turn markers for both teams being set back one turn as the ref resets the game. 4-6 results in the turn markers for both teams being set forward one turn as the ref lets the clock tick as the players punch each others heads off. If the clock goes forward on turn 16 then the match is abandoned and the current score stands.

6: Perfect Defence

The kicking team’s coach may re-organise his players into another legal defence. The receiving team must remain in the set-up chosen by their coach.

7: High Kick

The ball is kicked very high allowing a player on the receiving team to move into the perfect position to catch it. Any one player on the receiving team who is not in an opposing player’s tackle zone may be moved into the square where the ball will land, no matter their MA as long as the square is unoccupied.

8: Cheering Fans

Each coach rolls a D3 and adds their team’s FAME and the number of cheerleaders on their team. The team with the highest roll is inspired and gains an extra re-roll. Ties result in both teams gaining the re-roll.

9: Changing weather

Make a new roll on the Weather Table (see page 20). Apply the new weather result. If the new weather was ‘Nice’ then a gust of wind makes the ball deviate three squares in a random direction before landing (roll to scatter once and move the ball 3 squares – don’t scatter 3 times).

10: Brilliant coaching

Each coach rolls a D3 and adds their team’s FAME and the number of assistant coaches on their team. The team with the highest roll is inspired and gains an extra re-roll. Ties result in both teams gaining the re-roll.

11: Quick Snap

The offence catch the defence napping. All players on the receiving team may move one square. This is a free move ignoring tackle zones and may be used to enter the opponents half of the pitch.

12: Blitz!

The defence drive forward suddenly before the offence is ready and receive a free ‘bonus’ turn. Players in opposing tackle zones may not perform an action. Re-rolls may be used during the blitz and turnovers immediately end the bonus turn.

13: Throw a Rock

An enraged supporter lobs a rock at one of the players of the opposing team. Each coach rolls a D6 and adds their FAME. The fans of the team with the highest roll are the ones who hurl the rock. In a tie situation a rock is thrown at each team. Randomly decide which player was hit (only players on the pitch are eligible) and roll for injury effects immediately. No armour roll is required.

14: Streaker

A demented follower of Nurgle removes his clothes and sprints along the halfway line, his decaying dong slapping wetly against his thighs. Each player on the line of scrimmage must make a successful dodge roll to avoid catching a horrible disease. Any player that fails gains the skill ‘Decay’ for the remainder of the game.

Additionally, these players receive a token. Each time they declare an action (i.e. before the action is performed), roll a D6. On a roll of 6 they shake off the token, 2-5 has no effect, and a roll of 1 results in the player’s limbs falling off and their madly wriggling torso being removed to the Dead and Injured box to be patched up only in time for the next game.

Removal of the player does not cause a turnover unless they are holding the ball.

15: Crowd Trouble

Some crazed Slaanesh worshippers have climbed over the walls and started hurling bricks, bottles and severed heads amongst the crowd leading to a full scale punch-up. Roll a D6 for all the players on the pitch. On a 1, that player runs off to join in the fun and misses the rest of the drive.

For any players that join in the fight, roll another D6. On a roll of 1 they are arrested by the guard and miss the remainder of the game.

16: Pitch Invasion

Both coaches roll a D6 for each opposing player on the field and add their FAME. If the roll is 6 or more after modification then the player is stunned (players with the Ball and Chain skill are KO’d).


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