Fun League Season 17 is Underway! have kicked off their Season 17 Blood Bowl Season and I’m trying something new with a Nurgle team, so without further ado, here is the report from week 1:

Harrysan’s Heroes 0-1 Mandingo Fandango

A new Khorne team versus a new Nurgle team meant the turnovers came thick and fast, with plenty of skulls and both-downs leaving both coaches plans in disarray.

Ultimately it was the ST4 of the Nurgle Warriors that swung the game in the Fandango’s favour as the Khorne cultists had to gang up on them to get 2-D blocks (and still failed many times thanks to poor dice).

It was almost two-nil, but at the death a greedy pestigor tried to GFI when it wasn’t really necessary and promptly rolled snake eyes. The ball could not be picked up with no re-rolls remaining but the Fandangos still walk away with all three points and a new player in the form of The Rock; raised from his dusty grave by the Fandango’s necromancer to get his face punched in on the line of scrimmage in the next match.

Who said immortality would be boring?

Blood Bowl Mandingo Fandango v Harrysans Heroes

Week 1 sees the Fandangos top their division…..


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