Da Bludeed Skullz v Mandingo Fandango

Slither Slob the Beast made his debut in this game; and spent most of it either Really Stupid or dishing out girly slaps that failed to even knock over the opposition, never mind cause a casualty. The Mandingo Fandango support looked on incredulously at this new recruit’s feeble attempts at blocking and roundly booed him at the final whistle.

Defending his performance in the post-match conference, Slither Slob spoke eloquently through a mouthful of tentacles.

“The Church of the Fly Lord is open to all,” he said. “Praise be unto Him as we prostrate ourselves before His abominable gift. The Cult of Amber shall rise and envelop us all within its unholy disease and carry us to the Garden of Nurgle where we shall live for eternity within His diseased embrace.”

Slither Slob paused to strip the skin from a halfling’s severed head with his meaty tentacles before popping it into his noxious maw and masticating thoughtfully.

“Or something,” he belched.

Final Score:

Da Bludeed Skullz 1-0 Mandingo Fandango

Blood Bowl Mandingo Fandango v Bludeed Skullz

NFCC Table Wk 2

Week 2 sees the Fandangos lose grip on the top spot


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