It’s FA Cup Day!

It’s that time of the season when all bets are off and the players enter cup mode. Can the part-time butchers overcome the full-time Blood Bowl stars? That wouldn’t be decided in this particular match between Sweet Khorne and Mandingo Fandango….

Two new teams with little in the way of skills meant another match with a high turnover rate. The strength 4 of the Nurgle Warriors didn’t count for much as Sweet Khorne took full advantage of the Rotters’ Decay and killed two of them in the first few turns, running in a TD in turn 4.

The slow speed of the Fandango’s meant they made no headway in the remainder of the half with that damned Khorne Daemon being a perpetual thorn and getting in the god damned way of everything.

He needs to die.

The second half ebbed and flowed with the Fandango’s being unable to get the ball safely over the halfway line and eventually losing it (that god damned Khorne Daemon) late in the second half.

OK, so time to take nuffle’s schlong into the back of my throat and suck for all I was worth.

Turn 15, I had no rerolls remaining, so it was all in the hands of nuffle as my pestigor GFI’d twice to blitz the ball-carrier, putting him on his arse.

So far so good.

Then a Rotter GFI’d twice to pick up the ball on a 3+ and then passed (4+) to a Pestigor left deep downfield (catch 3+).

Mmmm, nuffle, your cock tastes soooo good.

That damned Khorne Daemon (he needs to die) managed to blitz through and put a tackle zone on the ball-carrier meaning in turn 16 the Pestigor had to perform a 3+ dodge and 2 GFI’s to score.

I jiggled nuffle’s mis-shapen balls, and as he unloaded his greasy manlove down my throat, said Pestigor leapt free of the Khorne Daemon (he needs to die) and ran in for the equaliser.

The crowd duly went absolutely nuts.

The Fandangos have added a Beast to their roster for the replay.
Sweet Khorne 1-1 Mandingo Fandango


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