Blue Aggro

Theros is such a fast format that you can quite easily incorporate Blue into an aggro deck (my favourite kind), and in the absence of any stand-out counter spells, the weenie flyers blue provides can be very handy.

I didn’t go into the game thinking about taking blue or red, but as the draft began and I examined my cards I had Benthic Giant and Aqueous Form right next to each other!

Benthic Giant Aqueous Form

Talk about broken! Right then and there I took the Giant and hoped no-one would be concentrating on blue, and sure enough there it was when the cards came around again. Sweet!

In fact, there was plenty of blue going around and I soon picked up a nice selection of flyers and speedbumps that had handy Heroic abilities – not that I was specifically looking to build a Heroic deck, I’d been burned trying to do that in week 1.

I fortified the deck with some stuff to mess with my opponent’s strategy:

Dissolve Voyage's End Griptide

And enhanced it a little with a splash of red to enable a few battle tricks:

Titan's Strength Magma Jet


U/R Aggro

Creatures (10)

Arena Athlete
Minotaur Skullcleaver
Flamespeaker Adept
Breaching Hippocamp
Triton Fortune Hunter
Benthic Giant
Vaporkin (x2)
Wavecrash Triton

Enchantment Creatures (4)

Nimbus Naiad (x2)
Thassa’s Emissary
Spearpoint Oread

Other (10)

Magma Jet
Ordeal of Purphoros
Titan’s Strength (x2)
Voyage’s End
Stymied Hopes
Aqueous Form
Triton Tactics


Unknown Shores
Island (x9)
Mountain (x7)

So how did it play? The answer is: Like a dream. Simply playing an Island put many an opponent on the back foot, afraid that I would counter, and once I’d got my head into a more aggressive mode and played the deck like a wildman, there wasn’t much my opponents could do. The degree of unblockability of my flyers was a thorn in opponent’s sides and the Dissolve/Griptide/Voyage’s End cards were kept for large creatures an opponent managed to get out in order to slow them down. Scry was plentiful and highly beneficial, allowing me to put unrequired lands to the bottom of my draw pile.

The Benthic Giant/Aqueous Form combo didn’t come out until the final, but it was nice to see Martin’s face crumble when I played it. Using the Triton Tactics to untap it and destroy one of his big guns was fun.


1st: Me
2nd: Martin
3rd: Zanfus
4th: Darren

Current Standings 3/6

Darren 12
Alan 11
Zanfus 9
Martin 7
Alex 3
Andy 0
John 0
Ste W 0
Chaz 0
Scott 0



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