The Black Crusade

Whilst I’ve been gone from the internet, I’ve been playing a lot of Warhammer 40k Conquest, an excellent living card game from Fantasy Flight. Probably the best I’ve played and is the benchmark for all card games in my eyes.

I was going to write a few strategy guides, but that’s been done all over the web, and then Games Workshop pulled the intellectual property licenses from beneath Fantasy Flight’s feet, meaning all FF games in GW universes are ceasing from 28th Feb 2017.

Having been seen touting their IP licenses, the general opinion was that GW wanted more cash from FF to use their IP, and FF told them to stuff it. They don’t need that to make great games.

So Conquest is dead. And here’s me with tons of cards and actual road mileage under my belt playing in tournaments around the UK (Colne Spring Champion 2016!! **acknowledges the cheering and applause with a gracious wave of the hand**).

The only proof of me playing this is a video some Irish bloke took of an online game I played in the Black Crusade league. If you haven’t played Conquest, it’s likely to make little sense. At least you can see me being childish in the text box on the bottom left.

Click Here for Video

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