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February 5, 2011

GoSu Reviewed

I bought Gosu after reading many positive reviews on Boardgamegeek. Mistake? Possibly, but the weight of praise heavily outweighed the criticisms so I stumped up the cash.

I was once a heavy Magic the Gathering player and spent a fortune on online, virtual cards feeding my addiction until I decided that Wizards of the Coast’s money-printing scheme was an utter disgrace. After weeks tweaking my amazing, possible World Tournament winning (yes I felt this strongly about it), deny-draw-damage deck, Wizards rotated Kamigawa out of their “standard” format leaving me with a deck I couldn’t enter into competition.

The robbing scuzzmonkeys.

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September 22, 2010

Space Hulk: Death Angel reviewed

“Drrrrrft!! Peeeow PeeeoWW!! Arrrrrgh, squeal! Die Mother!!”

“What are you doing”? said my wife.


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September 6, 2010

Kakerlaken Poker Reviewed

OK, so why am I reviewing a game that is so old? What’s the point in that? Well this is a game that doesn’t get the love it deserves and anything that spreads the word can’t be bad.

This game is so awesome it bungs me up and I can’t poop. Seriously. It’s amazing.

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August 26, 2010

Innovation Reviewed

“Invent your way to an empire! Innovation is a card-driven journey through humanity’s ideas and advancements from THE WHEEL all the way to The Internet. You must strategically guide your civilization through time and try to emerge victorious by claiming achievements before your rivals can! Choosing and effectively using your innovations are the keys to success.”

Woo! A civilization game, with cards! The latent Magic player in me is stirring, lets get the box open!

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