This is a list of highly recommended links that will slowly grow as excellent sites and services are discovered. It is as much for my convenience as yours.

Board Game Blogs

Grim Tree (Mark’s informative reviews, with the odd video too!) (Just found this, nice and heavy on the Dreadball)

Hiew’s Boardgame Blog (Musings of a Malaysian Boardgamer)

Drakes Flames [DEFUNCT](Crassly Opinionated Game Reviews and occasional bathroom humour)

Friendly Local Games Clubs

Wigan Wargames (Mainly board games, despite the name, some Wargaming and some RPG)

Waterbowl (Greater Manchester Blood Bowl)

Online Communities

CardgameDB – Fantasy Flight’s LCG communities

Tabletop Gaming

Critical Mass (A brand new 15mm Sci-Fi war-game system)

Friendly Online Gaming Stores

Grim Tree Games

Other Blogs of Interest

In the Weeds (Strange stories of a Canadian called Peaker. I think he’s insane)

Vast Worlds (A Sci-Fi writer throws down his ideas for all to see)

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