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March 30, 2014

Mandingo Fandango v Harrysan’s Heroes

With Angry Vomit getting a thrashing at the hands of the Red Duke’s Bolt Throwers, it was vital for the Fandangos to get a result from their catch-up game against Harrysan’s Heroes.

Thanks to their protracted FA Cup run, the Fandangos had levelled up a few players giving the Heroes some inducements, including a wizard. The fans had high hopes that a lightning bolt to the groin might wake Slither Slob up and cause him to actually “get stuck in” (to utilise the parlance of the terraces).

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March 24, 2014

It’s FA Cup Day!

It’s that time of the season when all bets are off and the players enter cup mode. Can the part-time butchers overcome the full-time Blood Bowl stars? That wouldn’t be decided in this particular match between Sweet Khorne and Mandingo Fandango….

Two new teams with little in the way of skills meant another match with a high turnover rate. The strength 4 of the Nurgle Warriors didn’t count for much as Sweet Khorne took full advantage of the Rotters’ Decay and killed two of them in the first few turns, running in a TD in turn 4.

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February 20, 2014

Da Bludeed Skullz v Mandingo Fandango

Slither Slob the Beast made his debut in this game; and spent most of it either Really Stupid or dishing out girly slaps that failed to even knock over the opposition, never mind cause a casualty. The Mandingo Fandango support looked on incredulously at this new recruit’s feeble attempts at blocking and roundly booed him at the final whistle.

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February 8, 2014

Fun League Season 17 is Underway! have kicked off their Season 17 Blood Bowl Season and I’m trying something new with a Nurgle team, so without further ado, here is the report from week 1:

Harrysan’s Heroes 0-1 Mandingo Fandango

A new Khorne team versus a new Nurgle team meant the turnovers came thick and fast, with plenty of skulls and both-downs leaving both coaches plans in disarray.

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January 12, 2014

Blood Bowl Revised Kick Off Table

We’re kicking off the Wigan Wargames 2014 Blood Bowl League this Friday and the coaches have the optional use (provided they agree beforehand) of this revised kick-off table.

blood bowlFeel free to use it in your own games.


2D8 Kick-Off Table


2: Get the Ref

The fans exact gruesome revenge on the ref for his dubious decisions and his replacement is more lenient – in fear of his life. Each team gains 2 bribes for the remainder of the match. When using a bribe, roll a D6. On a 2-5 it works, but a 1 means the player’s antics are too despicable to go unpunished and he is sent off (wasting the bribe).

3: Slug Ball

The ball is cursed by Tzeentch and will turn the next player to hold it into a slug. The kicking team may kick it directly at a player of their choice who, in accordance with the rules, MUST try to catch it. The first player to catch or pick up the ball has the remainder of the turn to get rid of it (pass/hand-off) before they are transformed into a gastropod (missing the rest of the game). If they still hold the ball at the end of the turn it bounces in the square they are in as they mutate.

Touch-backs will not turn a player into a slug – the ball-boy will be transformed and Tzeentch’s curse will be wasted.

If a player on the kicking team catches the ball they are turned into a slug prior to the touch-back.

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December 6, 2011

Fun League – Season 10

Unbelievably the little Blood Bowl league I set up has reached its tenth season. I say little, it’s levelled out at 9 divisions (after peaking at 16) and continually amazes me with the passion and commitment of the people involved. Admittedly it could do with an injection of Americas coaches as the European section is beating the Americas 8-1 in the play-offs, but intense competition has never been in the spirit of the league. Fun and mucking about is the order of the day, which fits in nicely with the game itself.

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October 18, 2011

Fun League Annual Blood Bowl Tournament

It was that time of year again, when the great and the good from congregated in sunny Wigan, England, to kick seven shades of living hell out of each other.

The weekend started early with nobby catching a train at 4am on Friday morning to get to Wigan by 8am. I think he was keen to see The Hill. He spent the morning skulking around the industrial wasteland that is The Jewel of The North until I managed to drag myself away from work and cart him off to the relative safety of my reinforced nuclear lighthouse where we watched the mighty Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen sweep exquisitely to another masterful victory in House Gift.

We were soon joined by Fatboy and Beefburger and proceeded to play various games of cut-throat mayhem such as Citadels (where we picked on nobby), Kakerlaken Poker (where we picked on nobby) and Small World (where we picked on nobby). Nobby went to bed and posted messages on the forum from the pillow he was crying into that he was never playing games again with us because we are big meanies.

The little ponce.

The day of the tournament dawned bright and fresh and we headed to the club laden with food prepared by the lovely Mrs.VALIS. Despite only having to come from Bolton, Radar was late. Presumably because they don’t let scum over the border into Wigan and he had to bribe his way in by offering his slack bottom to the ugliest of the border guards. (By the way Radar, I am holding your B*lt*n W*nd*r*rs pen to ransom. Its evil burns my flesh when I touch it and it’s stinking out the house).

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October 19, 2010

Session Report: Blood Bowl, Cash ‘n Guns, Piece o’ Cake

Welcome to the first Annual Fun League Tournament, held in Wigan, England…..

The Red Duke was conspicuous by his absence from the first Annual Fun League Tabletop Tournament, made obvious when his lackey; booncabal76 shuffled into the venue, fashionably late and ringpiece bleeding from the Duke’s ministrations. Was he afraid of being pummelled (in a non-sexual way)?

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August 19, 2010

Blood Bowl: Team Manager Preview

Ah, Blood Bowl. One of the most original board games on the planet and arguably the best Games Workshop creation ever. The game of fantasy Gridiron, complete with Orcs, Elves, bombs and chainsaws, recently given a new lease of life with the official video game, will shortly find its way back to our gaming tables in card-game format courtesy of the vision of Fantasy Flight.

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