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August 26, 2010

Innovation Reviewed

“Invent your way to an empire! Innovation is a card-driven journey through humanity’s ideas and advancements from THE WHEEL all the way to The Internet. You must strategically guide your civilization through time and try to emerge victorious by claiming achievements before your rivals can! Choosing and effectively using your innovations are the keys to success.”

Woo! A civilization game, with cards! The latent Magic player in me is stirring, lets get the box open!

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August 24, 2010

Session Report: Ice Flow, Innovation, Galaxy Trucker

Ice Flow

What a fantastically tactical game this is. A four-player affair started with Scott sending one explorer scooting over the floes by himself. I’d read somewhere that splitting up your adventurers was a bad idea. Ho ho, you idiot Scott, I thought inside my head as my intrepid dudes made their way across the icy waters of the Bering Straits. However Scott had a plan, he sat his adventurer on an ice floe and refused to move it from the edge of the board. The three of us managed to move towards the Diomedes island whilst Scott manoeuvred an adventurer to the other side of the board, also hogging a floe. There was no way for us to get across as we were camped on floes in the middle, refusing to be the one who would try and sequester one of Scott’s floes. All the time we were arguing, Scott’s last explorer was making his way from Alaska and catching us up.

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