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March 30, 2014

Mandingo Fandango v Harrysan’s Heroes

With Angry Vomit getting a thrashing at the hands of the Red Duke’s Bolt Throwers, it was vital for the Fandangos to get a result from their catch-up game against Harrysan’s Heroes.

Thanks to their protracted FA Cup run, the Fandangos had levelled up a few players giving the Heroes some inducements, including a wizard. The fans had high hopes that a lightning bolt to the groin might wake Slither Slob up and cause him to actually “get stuck in” (to utilise the parlance of the terraces).

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March 24, 2014

It’s FA Cup Day!

It’s that time of the season when all bets are off and the players enter cup mode. Can the part-time butchers overcome the full-time Blood Bowl stars? That wouldn’t be decided in this particular match between Sweet Khorne and Mandingo Fandango….

Two new teams with little in the way of skills meant another match with a high turnover rate. The strength 4 of the Nurgle Warriors didn’t count for much as Sweet Khorne took full advantage of the Rotters’ Decay and killed two of them in the first few turns, running in a TD in turn 4.

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