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October 18, 2011

Fun League Annual Blood Bowl Tournament

It was that time of year again, when the great and the good from congregated in sunny Wigan, England, to kick seven shades of living hell out of each other.

The weekend started early with nobby catching a train at 4am on Friday morning to get to Wigan by 8am. I think he was keen to see The Hill. He spent the morning skulking around the industrial wasteland that is The Jewel of The North until I managed to drag myself away from work and cart him off to the relative safety of my reinforced nuclear lighthouse where we watched the mighty Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen sweep exquisitely to another masterful victory in House Gift.

We were soon joined by Fatboy and Beefburger and proceeded to play various games of cut-throat mayhem such as Citadels (where we picked on nobby), Kakerlaken Poker (where we picked on nobby) and Small World (where we picked on nobby). Nobby went to bed and posted messages on the forum from the pillow he was crying into that he was never playing games again with us because we are big meanies.

The little ponce.

The day of the tournament dawned bright and fresh and we headed to the club laden with food prepared by the lovely Mrs.VALIS. Despite only having to come from Bolton, Radar was late. Presumably because they don’t let scum over the border into Wigan and he had to bribe his way in by offering his slack bottom to the ugliest of the border guards. (By the way Radar, I am holding your B*lt*n W*nd*r*rs pen to ransom. Its evil burns my flesh when I touch it and it’s stinking out the house).

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